Pure Living Family

We are all connected and our goal is to serve. That is why we have been hard at work finding products and services that will have a positive impact in our world. Our prayer is that when you face the hardest times in your life that you will find positivity. Also, we pray that when you feel anger or uncomfortable that you will still practice kindness for yourself and for others. This store is meant to serve as a reminder to care for yourself so that you can care for those you care for. While reading "The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabby Bernstein I started to have this vision and idea of what Pure Living Family could be. You see, our family has lived through some unique experiences. We have learned that an active lifestyle with a healthy diet is vital to happiness and fulfillment. We have spent many hours in the mountains hiking, on the natural lakes in our beautiful surrounding area in Utah, and researching healthy foods to feed our special needs boy. We feel like we have gained an expertise and knowledge base that we would like to share with whoever we have the privilege and opportunity to meet. Follow our story on Instagram under @angelablymiller or @shawnblymiller.