Pure Living Family Foundation -Mission Statement


We are in the process of applying for a 501–c-3 non-profit status for the Pure Living Family Foundation. 

Special needs parents are stressed from running a never ending marathon. Many are burned out, exhausted and need help. We want to give permission to the parents to turn the focus back on themselves for a minute to help them refuel and replenish in order to get back to providing the best answers for their kids. 

In order for the parents to be able to turn the focus back onto their kids, they need to be in optimal health. We want to help explore all options in mental, physical, and spiritual health for these parents.

Our goal is to raise awareness on the Functional Medicine model and to explore new healing modalities through researching ancient healing methods while still staying aware of modern science. We believe that the combination of spirituality in science is the way to solve some of the worlds biggest challenges. 

10% of the profits from the products and services sold on purelivingfamily.com will be donated to the Pure Living Family Foundation. These funds will be distributed every year to special needs families that are needing help. Our goal for 2023 is to raise $60,000 to give $20,000 in health and wellness grants to families in need. If you know of anyone that would benefit from this grant please have them apply here

The Pure Living Family Foundation promises to explore the world for solutions for kids suffering with autoimmune chronic illnesses and to always remember the caretaker and their health. Our board is made up of parents of kids who have been diagnosed with special needs who would do anything for these special kids. 

The Functional Medicine Model has been a light in the darkness for us. You can't heal what you can't see. That is why we employ the best technology in this biotech revolution to diagnostically understand our own biology. Once we understand our own biology we will better know how to proceed both for ourselves and for our kids. 

Follow us as we seek, discover, and find tools and resources for these special souls. 

Pure Living Family Foundation Mission Statement

When conventional medicine doesn’t work, where do you go and what do you do?

The Functional Medicine Model is the way and we want to help others find this path. 

In Theo’s worst PANDAS flares he would scratch his scrotum until he bled or he would punch himself in the head. When we went to traditional doctors they didn’t have answers for us. They didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t just do nothing. We had to search for solutions. We had to search for relief. We believe that we have found that in Functional Medicine and in alternative healing treatments like homeopathy, stem cells, and fecal microbiota transplants. This Foundation exists so we can explore all options together. There is power in community.

We are in the middle of a biotech revolution. We believe that this revolution needs to be led by spirituality, prayer, and meditation. Parents need to become the guides and decision-makers for what is right for their kids. We realize that the majority of parents are not doctors but they know their kids better than anyone on earth. Parents have the right to fire their doctors if they don’t align with them fundamentally. We have found that creating a network of loving and caring parents is one of the most powerful things in the universe. We must empower parents. 

Join our family as we search for the most important answers to find relief for kids in pain.

Every particle in the Universe has the potential for expansion and to be something more than what it is right now. It is a choice. Will you be something more than what you are this instant? Because you as the parent can be standing in your own way of finding answers for your kid. 

Raising a special needs child can be extremely challenging, especially when parents are not aligned. Our goal is to help parents to align and to give them greater purpose and meaning. 

We believe that the connection to God - Source - Universe is a personal connection. We believe that Mother Earth- Gaia is a direct connection to this Higher Power. We seek to help enhance this connection with exercising outdoors and by guiding thoughts and affirmations. We are able to connect with the Divine by enhancing our relationship with Gaia. When searching for health and wellness, both, personally and for our progeny, the authority she bestows upon us gives us dominion/authority. Participating in the natural medicines she provides we heal, develop and progress.

We believe in providing access to health and wellness to all. We are a sanctuary. A place of refuge. We want to help you find purpose and meaning from your suffering. Because we know that pain is one of life’s greatest teachers.