Pure Living Family Foundation -Mission Statement

Pure Living Family Foundation is a registered 501-C-3 nonprofit (Tax ID- 88-1015327) dedicated to supporting special needs parents in their journey. Our mission is to alleviate the stress and burnout these parents often face by promoting their holistic well-being. We aim to empower parents to prioritize their health, explore various healing modalities, and incorporate both ancient and modern approaches.

Pure Living Family Foundation's primary purpose is to empower parents of special needs children to discover ways to support themselves; allowing them to best care for their children and family as a whole. Our nonprofit org gives these parents permission to engage in self care, wellness education, and networking with other parents, so they have more to give to the special souls that they care for. The foundation offers parents access to the latest emerging research, giving these families the best tools possible. 

Pure Living Family Foundation is dedicated to empowering families with special needs children, fostering a supportive environment where parents discover invaluable resources to effectively support their children and nurture their families. We aim to equip parents with tools, knowledge, and a community of support to enhance their well-being, enabling them to better care for themselves and, in turn, provide even more dedicated care and support to their special soul(s). Through advocacy, education, and fostering connections we strive to create a world where every family feels empowered and capable of embracing the unique journey of raising a special needs child.

Our board consists of parents with special needs children who understand the challenges intimately. We invite you to join us as we seek tools and resources for these special souls.

Our mission is to provide access to health and wellness for all and serve as a sanctuary for those seeking purpose and meaning in their suffering. We believe that pain is a profound teacher.

We embrace the concept that family extends beyond blood ties, encompassing a shared experience that allows us to learn and grow together.

Sincerely, Your New Family