Pure Living Family Foundation -Mission Statement

Pure Living Family Foundation Mission Statement

Every particle in the Universe has the potential for expansion and to be something more than what it is today. It is a choice. Will you be something more than what you are right now?

Our mission is to help people to find their own answers to life’s most impactful questions. It is time to bring back spirituality and connection to source. You are a direct connection to source if you choose to be.

Raising a special needs child can be extremely challenging, especially when parents are not aligned. Our goal is to help parents to align and to give them greater purpose and meaning. 

We believe that connection to God - Source - Universe is a personal connection. We believe that Mother Earth- Gaia is a direct connection to this Higher Power. We seek to help enhance this connection with thoughts. We are able to connect with the Divine by enhancing our relationship with Gaia. When searching for health and wellness, both, personally and for our progeny, the authority she bestows upon us gives us dominion/authority. Participating in the natural medicines she provides we heal, develop and progress.

We believe in providing access to health and wellness to all. We are a sanctuary. A place of refuge. We want to help you find purpose and meaning from your suffering. Because we know that pain is one of life’s greatest teachers.