Our Functional Medicine Story

Our biggest learnings are that movement is medicine, nature therapy is a real thing, and real organic whole foods are the best fuel sources. We also learned that your cup has to be full in order to serve others. You must fill your cup by personalizing your wellness all the way down to your genetic makeup. The Functional Medicine Model is what gave us hope guidance and direction. We are a family that has seen the results of Functional Medicine from abandoning the old archaic allopathic model and diving into what is possible and forgetting what we are told is not possible.

When Theo was diagnosed with Autism we were stressed out of our mind. We started to google and research everything that was placed in front of us. It was extremely overwhelming and endless. Sometimes it still is. There is always a new supplement or protocol that has all the promises in the world to help your kid to recover and to progress. We have tried a lot, and we will continue to try everything under the sun to help our baby boy reach his highest potential. Our main focus is personalized medicine through the Functional Medicine model.

There have been a lot of things that we have learned along the way. We would like to offer these things to you with nothing but sincerity, humility, and love. The first thing we learned on our journey was that in order to be at our best, in order for us to be at peak performance for our kids, we had to first fill our cup. You can't provide for someone else when you are on empty.

Our daughter Eva taught us that affirmations work. She started saying them when she was 4 years old and we have seen how they have solidified her confidence and personality. She creates her own reality. We started speaking kinder and more positive to ourselves and saw the impact it had our lives. "I AM" is a phrase that creates realities.

We continued to fill our cups first and foremost by focusing on our mental health and wellbeing. We did this by spending time in nature, reading, listening to podcasts, and doing exercises that we enjoy like running and yoga. We also found time and space for meditation, and spending more time doing the things that we love. As our mentor and guide, Alex Doman, would say: "The brain responds best to beautiful experiences."

You can help someone else grow better when you continue your growth. That is why we are passionate about personal growth. Personal Growth on all levels, Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional growth. If you want to activate someone else's neurons, you better be activating yours. We commit to continue our Personal Growth journey.

This place on the internet is a place for us to share the principles, practices, mantras, and products that have helped us. Our intention is to be of the highest good to those who we are blessed to interact with and get to know. We know that we are not perfect. We know that things on this website will continue to evolve as we continue to learn and grow. We know what it is like to care for someone who has special needs. We know what it is like to be parents. We know what it is like to face grief and pain. We have walked these paths.  When Theo was diagnosed with Autism and PANDAS, Angela started a Mom’s group on Instagram where they shared all of their learnings with one another. There is so much power in community.

Angela shares a lot of her findings on Instagram and I share a lot of my research in my work in Functional Medicine in our podcast. We also learned that you can't perform logical processing in the pre-frontal cortex when you are in fight and flight mode. Your fight or flight mode is activated by your amygdala. You have to first calm the amygdala in order to access the pre-frontal cortex. That means that you have to feel safe and secure in order to reveal your shadow.

You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. Angela used to say how guilty she felt whenever she did anything for herself. She would always say that her son needed her and she felt that when she took time for herself for girls nights, a long run, etc. It was taking time away from helping Theo. That kind of life was not sustainable or healing for her.

We would like to be the first to state that you have the permission to take better care of yourself so you can take better care of the special souls that you care for. The first thing we suggest in order to take care of yourself is to speak kinder words to yourself.  I AM is a powerful phrase. 

We have been so blessed and we want to give back.  We have been introduced to some of the best doctors and contacts in the world of treatment for kids with Autism, PANDAS or sensory processing disorders. We share this knowledge with you in compassion and love. We would never suggest something that we haven’t tried ourselves. Please check out our podcast The Pure Living Family Podcast.