Our Favorite Brands


Our goal is to help special needs families however we can. Here are some of our favorite brands that have helped us.

One of the biggest expenses that a special needs family has is incontinence supplies. Aeroflow Urology is an amazing company that helps these expenses to be covered by insurance. Fill out the form in the link below to learn how.


AeroFlow Urology Link


For $40 off an ŌURA Ring Click link below




Advanced Brain Technologies

Advanced brain technologies: The Listening program. Use code THEO for a 10% discount on headphones and physical products.




Comprehensive Labs can give us an interoceptive view of our internal body. Dr. Mark Hyman is the world's most famous Functional Medicine doctor. You can have your labs ordered by his team here. Use Beta Access code Blymiller11


We are the Blymillers. We believe that if we take care of Mother Earth, that she will take care of us. We support the use of renewable energy to help support our planet. We also know that special needs families face a lot of extra expenses. That is why we’ve worked with LGCY Power to help special needs families that want to go solar and save on their energy bill. We will also donate part of the proceeds to The Pure Living Family Foundation to help pay for new-age healing modalities like Functional Medicine doctor visits and stem cell treatments for those who otherwise could not afford it. If you are interested in learning more, fill out this form.


Pure Living Family & LGCY Power


 Infrared Saunas. Meditating in the sauna is medicine. It is a quiet place that you can escape to, and it helps you purge the toxins stuck in your system. 




Air Doctor

Air doctor: Home air purifier.


Are you burning fat or carbs for energy? This device will tell you. Special needs parents are running a never-ending marathon, find out what fuel your body needs the most.

For $30 dollars off a Lumen device use code THEOBOY. 



If you want to become a certified Functional Medicine Coach, go ahead and apply for the program below. Shawn loved every part of the course. 






Happy Campers Gluten Free 


Use discount code “THEOBOY” for 10% off your purchase.

For all of your Hemp and CBD needs check out https://www.hemphealth.shop/. We love the CBD Roll on and Pain Cream. 

Use THEOBOY for an awesome discount.




LYNQ veggie & fruit immune-boosting powder.




Green Chef

Green Chef - organic meal prep delivery. This link provides link gives $55 off of first box.





Branch Basics: Toxin free plant based home cleaning product. This link gives $10 off!





Wink Naturals: Safe family products. Discount code :  'theoboy15"




Nest Designs

Nest Designs: Our kids’ favorite pajamas!




101 CBD

101 CBD: Full spectrum organic CBD products. THEOBOY25 for 25% discount.





Eva’s easy zip bedding. Discount code ANGELAB




Sunday Lawn Care

Get Sunday: lawn care without glyphosate and chemicals

Use code ANGELA15 for $15 off!





Our favorite apple cider vinegar gummies and melatonin sleeping aid gummies. 5% off use code THEOBOY.




We are in a personal growth and human optimization revolution. Heroic is one of the key leaders in this space. Join the platform here: