#SovereignMan Mens Retreat

Announcing SovereignMan Men’s Retreat

-All Meals and Accommodations


-Hapé ceremony

-Sound bath meditation

-Walking meditation in the jungle to a secluded beach

-Tamazcal Ceremony

-Ayahuasca + Peyote Ceremony

-Hike to a waterfall



For the last few years on my birthday I have tried to worry about giving rather than receiving. This year I have decided to give through creation.

I’m about to get real and vulnerable here in this space.

I have become very passionate about Men’s mental health after some real life extreme experiences that I’d like to share a little bit about.

Years ago I spent some time in the University of Utah psych ward after a suicide attempt. I was prescribed antidepressants and used them daily for almost 10 years. I have wrestled with a deep addiction that started when I was 10 years old when my brain was still developing and vulnerable. Fast forward 25 years and the gravity of my son’s special needs diagnoses started to take a huge toll on my marriage and family. Around this same time I was introduced to plant medicine. Since that day nothing has helped me more in my life. I have found self acceptance and self love. I am a better husband, father and friend. This call to help other men shed the social norm of silencing their emotional pain has led me to creating a Men’s retreat to San Poncho, Mexico. I did plant medicine here on Father’s Day and it is incredible to be in the jungle and to hear the wildlife as you consume Mother Earths vitamins.

We will do yoga, meditate, have sound bath ceremonies, participate in Tamazcal Ceremonies (sweat lodge) and hike to a waterfall, walk to a secluded beach all while learning more about the connection with ourselves and our higher power. We will also learn more about our personal relationship with food and Mother Earth and take part in sacred plant medicine traditions.

Please let me introduce you to the team: 


Abbie Testaberg is the creator of the Hybrid Healing Protocol which is a compassionate and holistic approach to healing that considers food as medicine, embraces herbal medicine, mindfully incorporates supplements, promotes appropriate movement practices, educated on complementary healing modalities, guides self-inquiry meditation for emotional processing through the body, and considers responsible use of entheogens as catalysts for healing. She is most well known for her cannabis compassionate care work, gut-healing protocols, and emotional body consciousness trauma processing guided sessions. 

Rather than mask symptoms, which numbs and disconnects us, has negative side effects, and causes long term degradation of our system, Abbie promotes root cause healing via reclamation of a positive relationship with the body, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. She specializes in helping those with complex medical conditions and/or mystery illnesses navigate alternative approaches to wellness while honoring the tool of Western medicine within a framework of how it can benefit rather than harm. (C) PTSD, sexual abuse, and addiction are a few other areas Abbie has a significant amount of experience helping clients with. When appropriate, Abbie guides the use of entheogens as catalysts for healing. She educates on the various entheogenic tools, the science and spirituality of each, and safe use. Abbie is an advocate for promoting the necessary pre and post work around an entheogenic experience. 



Please let me introduce you to Kuri Ziri which means Fire Corn in Purépecha language. Originally from Tenochtitlan (Mexico City). Mestizo from Mexican father and mother, with Otomí-Tolteca ancestry on his maternal grandmother side, while recognizing his mestizo blood.

Kuri Zuri was ordained Spiritual Leader and Medicine Man by the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan. Kuri Zuri holds plant medicine very sacred. You must come prepared with an intention. You don’t do plant medicine for fun. 

As plant medicine ceremonies hit more mainstream I believe it is important to honor the ancient indigenous tribes and traditions. Kuri Zuri will be leading the ceremony. Please join us in San Poncho.

We will start with a 2 hour Temazcal (sweatlodge ceremony) leading us into the plant medicine space that will take us through the night. We will take a cup of ayahuasca and then we will take a cup of peyote. We will then close ceremony with another sweatlodge ceremony.



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Into the void came a thought, and the thought was I AM

I AM is the Creator

I AM is ME

Into the Light

I Chase my Destiny


Will you join me?

$2,500 for November 7-11. Food, lodging, airport transportation and accommodations are included. Flight is not included.