What made you want to start this company? 

Theo boy is a very special boy. He is here to teach us a lot. We want to share what we learn from him. We have learned more than anything that food is medicine and that positive affirmations work. We feel blessed to be his parents and we just want to share what he has to offer the world. 

What is our biggest purpose?

I AM is a powerful phrase. Eva started saying affirmations everyday when she was 4 years old. We know that her dancing ability has been strengthened because of the self confidence this instilled. This taught us that the way we speak to ourselves matters. Our word is our wand. Speak your reality into existence. This is called manifesting. 

What qualifications do you have to help others?

- We are just a family that has a big heart overflowing with love and concern for special needs families. We really just want to share what has helped us. Shawn graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy accredited through the Institute of Functional Medicine. It is kind of like a mini online graduate program where we learn all about total wellness. We learn about sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, stress and meditation, and relationships. Angela also has created a networks of Moms who are super powerful. A mother’s intuition is greater than any degree. 

We encourage all to practice mediation using affirmations and visualizing what reality that you want to call into your life.