Water Represents the all Important Rest and Restore

Water Represents the all Important Rest and Restore

Recently I was able to talk to Advanced Brain Technologies and to Theo's Chiropractor about Theo's stress response. Since the car accident Theo's body has been thrown back into the fight or flight stress response. When the Amygdala is activated our immune system stops working.

We ran a blood test for Theo this week and his ASO titers were the highest that they have ever been. Antistreptolysin O (ASO) is a blood test to measure antibodies against streptolysin 0, a substance produced by Group A Streptococcus bacteria. 

Basically, Theo's strep overgrowth is back with a vengeance. His immune system has been shut down because of the stress he experienced from the whip lash from the car accident. 

This just reiterates the importance of the Rest and Restore process of the body. Our body has to have a recovery period or it will go into dysfunction. 

Advanced Brain Technologies has music that can calm the body and the mind so we can try to calm Theo's stress response so his immune system can kick back into gear and attack the Strep overgrowth. We will now be playing relaxing and calming music whenever we can and trying to bio-hack Theo's brain to eliminate as much stress as possible. 

We will be working with Music for Babies and Sound Health from https://advancedbrain.com/shop-books-music/. 

I can't wait for the warmer months so we can get back on a lake somewhere to chill everyone out. Mom and Dad included. 

I wish you Peace and Happiness.


The Pure Living Family




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