Theo's 14 week update from the Fecal Microbiota Transplant

Theo's 14 week update from the Fecal Microbiota Transplant

Recently we went to Theo's chiropractor to review his nervous system scan. We started seeing Dr. Nathan Wall about a year ago. We have been seeing him 3 times a week and we have now transitioned down to 1 time a week. You can watch this Youtube video below discussing the scans.

In summary, Theo had a rating of over 1,000, a year ago. That is the rating of the bodies stress response. Now his rating is just over 100. I believe that is an improvement of over 100% of the stress response measurement that we did a year ago. That is crazy. 

We have had many people comment that Theo seems more aware and more present. His interactions with cousins, aunts and uncles, and other kids has greatly improved. 

The things that Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about all the time is being proven by our little guy Theo. Our physiology is greatly improved by the chemical reactions that are happening within our bodies. If we can improve the physiology of our bodies, we can optimize our brain capacity. I want to put this into action for myself. That is why I have become hyper aware of the things I eat and drink so I can be at my peak performance. Dr. Dispenza says that we have a pharmacy available within our bodies. Different chemicals are released based on the physical responses that our bodies go through. If we are always in a stress response, we will never be able to access our Pre-Frontal Cortex, our bodies will also have a hard time with digestion and sleep, etc. So to amplify the rest and restore parts of our bodies, we have to make sure that we are creating those chemical reactions in our experiences. A simple example is, that if you are always working and always giving to others, it is likely that you suffer from fatigue and you might have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and your stress levels are probably super high. You have to find ways to calm your nervous system and to relax. That is why I am passionate about yoga and meditation. We are meant to have a balance between rest and restore and a stress response. We can't live in one category for too long or we will have disease or dysfunction. 

I envision Theo's pre-frontal cortex finally firing off every single day, where before it wasn't because his body was always in a fight and flight response. His stress responses in his body would not allow his pre-frontal cortex to be operating at all. He was always uncomfortable and hard to keep entertained and happy. Now he will sit and watch movies, where before he would never. 

What a relief it is to be able to turn on a movie and know that Theo would be occupied for 30 minutes or longer. 

We are also trying to amplify Theo's gut health by giving him kombucha as often as possible. The Kombucha feeds the probiotics or the good bacteria. We also feed him our Pure Living Greens every morning, and our Pure Living Plant Protein to get him the necessary macro nutrients for his body to operate optimally. Check them out here:

Dr. Jason Klop, the doctor that did the FMT procedure says that kids need bio-diversity in their gut. Meaning that they need a variety of healthy organic foods to feed the good bacteria. He goes on to say that our Pure Living Greens are great for that benefit because it has 14+ fruits and veggies, or plant foods. Check out his interview here:

If you are not a believer of FMT yet, then you are not paying attention. Do it. 

Until next week.


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