Theo's 12 week update from the Fecal Microbiota Transplant

Theo's 12 week update from the Fecal Microbiota Transplant

When I told the Mountain Ridge Football team that we like to celebrate every small victory that we get with Theo we meant it.

This week we went to Journey's for Kids and bought him a pair of new shoes. Theo has never liked wearing shoes. For a long time he fought us on wearing them. We had to buy some hightop Converse Chucks where he couldn't physically take them off himself so he was protected from the elements. Well a while back we had bought him some regular Adidas shoes that were normal everyday shoes that he could take off if he wanted. Since FMT he has worn those shoes everyday without any issues. He hasn't really even fought against wearing them. He lays down and puts his feet up for us to put them on him. 

Well he has grown a ton since FMT and he has worn those Adidas shoes everyday and worn a hole in them. So we had to go get him another pair of shoes. We gave him the option to choose the same Adidas shoes in a bigger size or some new Converse Hightop Chucks. We placed both shoes in front of him and he grabbed the Adidas shoe. He also sat down on the chair like a big boy as we tried them both on. There was no crying. There was no fighting or struggle to get the shoes on him. He did it willingly. 

We bought the shoes and he put them on right away and he held his Mom's hand and walked out of the store. Theo walked all the way to the car holding his mom's hand and he was completely content and happy the whole time. He was actually skipping and jumping as he walked with his mom. 

Last year when we bought him the shoes, he was screaming and fighting us whenever we tried to put any shoes on him. 

We believe that where you put your attention, the energy around that thing expands and grows. We are so grateful that Theo found shoes that he will wear and that he is walking through stores with us like a big boy. 

 Theo is no longer in a constant Fight or Flight Mode so I find it extremely important to amplify this time with further therapy. 

Theo is now doing The Listening Program for 15 minutes everyday, Monday- Friday. I am very excited about this technology because it has been proven to help kids to further develop. The program has been known to help kids become potty trained, start talking and develop at a faster rate. I have recently become certified to be a Listening Program Representative. Email me and we can set you up with a program and for the Bone Conduction Headphones. The science behind the Bone Conduction Technology is actually really interesting. There are bones just on the inside of your ear called the Auditory Ossicles. The three small bones called the malleus, the incus, and the stapes vibrate when we hear. The vibrations send signals to the brain that we decipher as hearing. 

We are also giving Theo Kombucha daily. He is loving the Ginger Lemonade Kombucha from Costco. Kombucha is a natural pre-biotic. It feeds the healthy good gut flora or bacteria. We need those good bacteria to grow and colonize his gut to help his overall health flourish. 

We want to thank everyone in our community that has reached out to us and sent kind words and even money and gifts to Theo. We are so grateful and feel so loved. 

Be sure to check out our website and blog as we continue to learn and grow and provide more to you. 

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