Pure Living Family Defined

Pure Living Family Defined

In 2018 our little boy Theo was diagnosed with Autism and later was diagnosed with PANDAS- (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infections). In simple terms, he has overgrowth of strep throughout his body. It is a rare illness but is ever growing. According to http://pandasnetwork.org/, 1 in 200 kids is now being diagnosed with this illness. 

For Theo, that means that he has tantrums and crying spells that last for hours at a time. He is non verbal but you can tell that he is in pain. He walks rigid and scratches at himself causing self harm. He has left huge scratch marks that scab up on his face and his lower extremities.

We have seen a ton of doctors and specialists from around the U.S. We have had Skype calls from doctors across the country. We have had moments of despair and frustration not knowing what to do. 

Throughout this journey, we have learned some simple and clear lessons. To put it simply, in essence the cleaner we eat as a family, the better that Theo does. 

We have researched many hours to try to find answers and what we have learned is that we have toxins all around us. We are exposed to toxins in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the clothing and textiles that we touch throughout our day. Our modern society has sought convenience, and through this ambition and seeking of convenience we have created more and more toxins. A perfect example of that is all of the Plastics we use in our everyday lives. 

You can read more about it here: https://www.madesafe.org/avoid-toxic-chemicals-plastics/#:~:text=Polyvinyl%20chloride%2C%20or%20PVC%2C%20is,cadmium%20and%20other%20toxic%20chemicals.

We also learned that Theo has a gene mutation to his MTHFR gene. This gene is the biggest gene in our body and its sole responsibility is detoxification. 

So what do we get with massive exposure to toxins and a disabled ability to rid oneself of those toxins? A toxic overload. The new age Functional Medicine Model would call this a dysfunction. The traditional Allopathic medicine model would call this disease or illness and want to treat with drugs. 

We have chosen to find the best possible path for our son. So we are searching all options. 

We did a Fecal Matter Transplant in July of 2020 and saw amazing results, until we were in a car accident in early December 2020 and Theo's body was again sent into a stress response. 

The logo is something that came to me in a dream. The major purifying elements on earth are, sunlight, fire, and water. 

We seek all means to help our boy to detox and to live his best life. We hope to help others from what we learn and experience.

Thanks for joining us.

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