My Call To Arms

Growing up I used to think that getting my college degree was so I could have the credentials to earn a good income so I could provide a good living experience for my family. As I have grown and had more experience in business, I have learned that the more that you invest in yourself, the more tools and assets that you will have to serve others. The more that you invest in yourself, the more value that you can provide to others. That really is the greatest worth. Serving others. Making their path and their experience more full and complete, and sometimes a little easier. The richest experiences I have had in my life have been from giving people more time, and more tools to do what they love and are passionate about. 
The greatest leaders in my life have been Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Bernstein, Brene Brown. They each set out to serve others. Steve Jobs created the personal computer and then the first smart-phone. Today our worlds are shaped by these products. We have more convenience in our everyday lives because of our smart-phones. We have instant access to information from around the globe and from all of history through our mobile devices. We have more ability to learn instantly at our own pace when before access to information was gated by universities or people in control. 
I think the next generation of leaders is going to teach us how to filter through all of the information that is available at our fingertips. There are only 24 hours in a day. Where are you going to spend your waking hours? Which podcast, streaming services, music, movies, etc. will you tune in to? Our consciousness has to be raised to a level where we are guided by our own faculties and not pushed aimlessly by what is trending. 
I believe that is why we are seeing more of a trend of meditation, yoga, and spiritual work. Our inner voice has to be the guide that we seek to learn what we are meant to learn to become our higher selves. Will you be molded into what you are meant to be, or will you be molded into what others want you to be? Businesses are vying for our time and our money. What you believe in will be more of what you spend your time and your money on. 
Here is what I believe in. Time is money. Time is holy. Where do you spend your time? Do you unconsciously consume your days away, or do you work hard to produce to serve others? What works are you creating and working on today that is going to make for a better tomorrow? Your work doesn’t have to be a product. Your works could be words. Words are knowledge that we can communicate with those around us. Our experiences have value to them. I challenge you to package your experiences in a way that is going to serve others on their path in life. 
This is the Coat of Arms for my Mother's side of the family. Her maiden name is "Allgood". Thank you to
"Age omne bonum"- "Do All Good"