Let's Imagine for a Second

Let's Imagine for a Second

I just sat down with my Business Coach to outline our relationship and expectations moving forward. He asked me a question that I have read and heard many times over the last few years. He said "Imagine the best case scenario... What would that look like?"

I strongly believe that we as a global society do not do this enough. We do not ask ourselves this question enough. I think back at the Monumental Moments in time and how Imagination was the tool that drove us forward in humanity. Going to the moon, finding cures to diseases, overcoming some of the world's biggest conflicts. There are so many occurrences that could not have happened if it were not for imagination.

We need this now more than ever, especially with 2020 hitting us in the face over and over again. Today in Utah we had 90 mph winds hit our state. 170,000 people have been without power all day today. Not to mention the riots and the pandemic that we are all facing in our world.

Too many times we settle for what we know. Too many times, we think that we are stuck in our realities.

It's time to dare to dream.

My son has been diagnosed with Autism and PANDAS. Those diagnoses do not define him. He is more than these diagnoses. I will not stop helping him develop in specific areas of his life because he has these diagnoses. Today my son doesn't talk. That doesn't mean that I will give up and stop finding ways to help my son talk.

I personally have my own addictions, my own ways of acting and behaving. I have 36 years of history of using different modalities and different behaviors to confront my days. But that does not mean that I can't find new and innovative ways to optimize my experience and my behaviors.

I believe that we should each take a little time everyday to imagine. Take at least 10 minutes a day to imagine what could be. Imagine your best case scenario in your life, for whatever category that you want to improve. Imagine and envision it with great detail.
Maybe we want to start a business, maybe you want to gain some muscle weight, maybe you want to enter a competition, maybe you want to challenge yourself. We can easily find answers as to why something won't work.

Why not start putting into practice a part of your day where everything starts to go right for you? Envision what your dream world looks like. What would be your ideal schedule? What would you spend your time doing? Who would you spend your time with?
Wherever you put your energy, that is where your world will expand.

In my Functional Medicine Coaching course we learn a lot about Positive Psychology. This the practice of generating good thoughts. There has been scientific studies by people like Dr. Barbara Fredrickson and many other scientists that are trying to benefit humanity. They say that it takes 3 positive thoughts to equal the weight of 1 single negative thought. We have had a lot of negative thoughts going around lately. It is time to generate positivity and new positive thoughts.

You can check out Dr. Barbara Fredrickson's free course online here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/positive-psychology
It's time to grow my friends. Let's Go.

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