Have You Heard of the MTHFR Gene

Has anyone ever mentioned to you the MTHFR Gene? It is the major gene in our bodies responsible for detoxification. My family and I had genetic testing done in our total wellness evaluation. We learned that my wife and myself have a MTHFR gene mutation and we passed those mutations down to our kids. I don’t think it will be hard to convince you of the toxic world that we live in. We are surrounded by toxins in the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, they are even in the oil derived medications that we take. Compounds like lead, mercury, and aluminum, etc. are the binding ingredients in medications and vaccinations. The other major pollutant and toxin in our world is plastic or polyethylene, also another oil derived product.

Why do I bring this up? You might ask… Well our modern urban life has a trade off. The more technological advances that we make the more pollutants and toxins that we invite into our world.

What is the solution? Well we need to be aware of the systems that create the most pollutants and toxins. We need to educate ourselves on how to live more healthy lives. There is such a thing called toxic overload. We can overload our bodies so much that our bodies can’t properly detox.

The detoxification process is done through our lymphatic system. We pee, poop, and sweat out the waste that our bodies can’t use for its normal every day production.

I ask the Rockefeller Foundation to do more to help shine light on solutions. John Davidson Rockefeller Sr. is one example of American history and civilization. His family is one of the richest in the world because he set up many of the systems that our current society is based off of. Our medical establishment and medical training curriculum was set up by Mr. Rockefeller. Our usage of oil and gas for fuel and energy was set up by Mr. Rockefeller. Our modern day society is much due to technological advances established in the early 1900’s by the Rockefeller family.

Our current pandemic that we are in, highlights that we need to make some major changes. The old systems are no longer working. We need to get back to the root of what made America the greatest country in the world.

I believe that the reason Rockefeller was able to be so successful was because he had opportunity. He lived in a land where there was little Governmental control or regulation in creating business relationships. It was a time of a true free market.

Right now there is no free market. There is no blank canvass. Every idea and business is scrutinized under the “tyranny” of government oversight. The problem is that “Government” can easily be manipulated. Somewhere along the way, the goal of human life to flourish and pursue happiness, became victim to being controlled and manipulated.

Our food is laced with chemicals in a lab to make us addicted to it. Our modern media has been hijacked to fit a specific narrative. Social media is a perfect example of that. They are in the back pocket of Big Pharma and Big Oil companies. We lost the soul of America.

Corruption and Greed make us slaves to the richest and most powerful, when the richest and most powerful have become apathetic to what matters the most in the history of time. They are most concerned with being the richest in the world and the most powerful.

I believe that the history of America is full of examples that went against the grain and were defiant for the greater good. The founding fathers being the biggest examples. I am sure that they are sick and disturbed looking at what this country has become. John Hancock and Samuel Adams were the revolutionists that stood up to a tyrannical government and organized a group of freedom fighters. 

Are you listening to the ancestors that did good for our world? Or are you listening to your ego? We can be guided to do good, if we unplug from the machine.

I feel a critical mass of people awakening. These people are spiritual warriors. These people are realizing that 96% is a statistic in a house of mirrors. This number was generated by testing a small fragment of the total population. They also realize that the 4% left over is a big massive number. Who represents that 4%?

These people are doctors, teachers, dental hygienist, dentists, lawyers, salespeople, mothers, fathers, etc. These are my people. I am united with them. Call me crazy. I don’t care. They called Albert Einstein crazy too.

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