Going Into the Fire

Going Into the Fire

Throughout my life I have wanted so badly to be loved and admired. Many times I have shrunk to conform to what I believed others expected of me. Doing this made me feel better in the moment, but it only built up a reservoir of resentment. Internal resentment towards myself. Pain that was self inflicted. A facade and a fake reality that I myself created. 

Over the last few years I have sought knowledge to free myself. Knowledge to empower myself to be liberated. We can't be free until we are aware. Aware of the feelings and beliefs that lead to our every day actions and behaviors. 

We are the creators of our own world. Our interpretations of how we are received constantly in this world is what guides us. Our experiences are divinely ours. I want to admit that I have let fear cripple me. I have let the fear of rejection, and fear of not being accepted deter me from following my true feelings and my true beliefs. 

Now I admit that my passion can be overdone. People stop hearing what I have to say because I am saying it too loudly. Or, I am saying it with so much vigor that they lose the meaning and the purpose of what I am saying. 

I am here to admit that speaking your true thoughts and feelings is scary. Especially when your thoughts and your beliefs are contrary to popular opinion. 

My truth is that my son was vaccine injured. The DTap vaccine he received on 10/10/2016 changed our lives forever.  Theo now suffers from a chronic illness called PANDAS which is the overgrowth of strep in his body. Many people will get angry at this blog post. Many people will call me crazy, diluted, and a misinformed Anti-Vaxxer. Many people have already called me that. Family included. Some have gone as far to call me a danger to society. Bill Gates can't seem to understand why parents are concerned about his science when his science is crippling and killing people in India and Africa. Sometimes people don't even need to say it, sometimes just the silence is enough to say that you don't believe me. It's fine, I can't control what you believe. I am done trying to control other people's beliefs. But I am done being silent. I am done conforming to society's expectations of me. I am done living in a box defined by those in control. Andrew Wakefield is a scapegoat. He has been attacked for his studies on vaccines. Children's Health Defense lead by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are leading a pack of parents to true awareness.  https://childrenshealthdefense.org/

I promise to seek truth. I promise to pursue a spiritual revolution. I realize that some people will dismiss and ignore me. Chalk it up as some other jaded special needs parent seeking attention. But today I speak for my son, because he can't yet speak for himself. I also speak for the many families that have reached out to us to thank us for taking a stand. Thanking us for representing their vaccine injured kids along with Theo. 

The most hurtful thing is to be ignored. To be completely dismissed is the biggest insult I have ever experienced. Chronic illness in the U.S. is at an all time high. The first step in being able to address an issue is first admitting that one exists.

Why is the U.S., the wealthiest country in the world, one of the unhealthiest countries in the world?

Do I blame everything on vaccines? Absolutely not. Don't get it twisted. I believe that Theo has a toxic overload. The DTap vaccine threw him over the edge. Theo has 2 mutations to his MTHFR gene. His body already has a difficult time detoxing. We have to be very careful to what he is exposed to. 

All I can ask is to listen to the parents of the vaccine injured kids. Especially the moms. We never asked for this to be our experience, but the more I run from it, the more pain and remorse that I feel. 

Please watch this documentary. The government is in the background putting together advertisement campaigns to encourage people to get the latest vaccine. They tried it with Hank Aaron. They are going to be doing it with other celebrities like Warren Moon and influential people.  Please just give a few minutes to hear the risks and the dangers from the other side. I am not asking you to believe me, just hear us out before dismissing us completely. 

The argument always is, vaccines can avoid a lot of diseases and pain and suffering. What if vaccines can actually harm you? Where there is risk, there must be informed consent and choice.

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