Flush Those Pipes- Get Up And Move

Flush Those Pipes- Get Up And Move

My biggest excuse over the last few years has been that my knees hurt so I can’t work out. I have lost all of my meniscus in my right knee so there are certain exercises that my bones just grind bone on bone. Well I love soccer and I am a better father, husband, and person when I play one or more days a week. I have found that if that is my only exercise during the week that I end up getting injured more often, and my performance continues to decline as I age. However, there have been a few men that are 5-10 years older than me that hang better with the young bloods better than me. One friend in particular is 10 years older than me and his fitness is a huge example to me. I call him Father Jones because he has become a mentor of mine and not to mention he has this big rad white beard. This guy runs 3 companies right now, very successful companies, and he can run up a mountain at a much faster pace than I can. He has shown me this hike that has been super healing and motivating to me. I have made a goal to go to this mountain 2 times a week and continue my yoga 2 times a week. 

The crazy thing that has happened since I have followed this plan is that my knees feel better and better. Last week as I was running down the mountain, which normally is the most painful part for me, I thought to myself: “damn my knees feel great”. The more I thought about it the more the visuals became clearer and clearer to me. You see, our body is supplied with nutrients by the blood. As I have practiced yoga I have felt these lines of energy clear as I focus on strengthening the smaller and supportive muscle groups. They teach in yoga that there are certain parts of the body that hang on to trauma and are tighter than other parts of the body. For me that has been my hips and my lower back. As I focus on releasing the tension in my hips, my knees feel less pressure. 

So as I was running down the mountain last week, I had these visuals of the super mario brothers and the thought came to me, “Flush those Pipes”. Our white blood cells are what repair our tissues in our body, but the white blood cells can’t get to the specific tissues if there is blockage in those areas of the body. This is why Movement is Medicine. Science has shown us that we either grow a muscle or it atrophies. We lose what we don’t use. If we want to reverse the aging process, we have to get up and move. 

Don’t Be 

A Candy Ass

Get Up And Move


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