Acting in Faith

Acting in Faith

I have been working hard on myself over the last few years and I feel like my family has seen the greatest benefits from my internal work. 

Angela told me this week that she wouldn't have had the courage to do the Fecal Microbiota Transplant without me pushing it. 

I am learning that Faith is acting with Expectations. Our desired expectations lead us to act and behave a certain way. Sometimes we have to walk through a period of time where our faith is tested. 

I gave my notice to my current job SalesRabbit that I would be taking a new job. The new job is less money but it will allow me to work from home and it will allow me to help with Theo more. 

I want to be known as someone that is motivated by what is most meaningful in life. Now I know the importance of money. I know that it is energy and it is a resource and tool that helps you accomplish more. However, life is more than money. The Universe is the ultimate provider and the Universe will continue to provide for me and my beautiful family. 

Having faith and courage is not the absence of fear. It is standing in that fear and recognizing it. It is standing up to the challenge with dignity and power. I am envisioning myself standing with my shoulders high and my head to the sky. 

Some of the biggest, scariest things that I have faced in my life is not knowing. Not knowing if my son will ever speak, not knowing what my tomorrow will look like. What I have learned through my experiences is that you have to trust your gut feeling even when all the other signs and logic reasoning is telling you to act another way. That is true faith. That is true knowing. 

I know that the Universe will provide for me and my family. And when the thoughts of fear arise, I just continue to nourish and feed the thoughts of faith, hope and positivity. SalesRabbit has allowed me to make the most money that I have ever seen in my life. They have blessed me incredibly. It is extremely difficult to walk away from that comfort. Growth doesn't come when we are cozy and comfortable. Growth comes when we extend ourselves and we reach out in faith and belief. 

I appreciate you all believing in Theo. That belief drives me. I am asking my son to take on the biggest challenges that he faces every day. I can't keep asking him to do that, if I am unwilling to do it myself. 

Now on to the next challenge and mountain to climb. I am excited to work with Thumbtack and continue my growth in the personal and professional world. They value this heavily at Thumbtack. 

I wish you all Faith, Hope and Positivity on your Journey


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