Finding God without Religion

Finding God without Religion

I grew up religious. I remember wanting to take snacks to church when I was 5 or 6 and my Mom wouldn’t let me because she was afraid of how it would look. She said snacks are for babies, not little boys. I remember one other Sunday where my dad said he was going to stay home from church to watch his Cowboys play. I told my mom I was going to stay home from church too. She turned to my dad and said: “See what you did.” There were very few times my dad skipped church after that. That meant when he went, I had to go.

Now some might start reading this and stop because they don’t want to hear my whole sob story. I don’t blame you. It’s long and boring in many parts. But what I am trying to say is that I was raised to go to church. However, Somewhere along the line, for me, and many others from my generation, we just don’t see the point.

Don’t get me wrong. I went on a mission to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The missionaries used to joke that the harder you work, the hotter your wife would be. I worked hard and my wife is the hottest. I put everything I could into every day. Clapping hands at doors because that’s what you do, you don’t knock on doors. You clap your hands outside the door or the gate to introduce yourself. An American from far away got more attention than we should have.

Americans think just because of where we are born that we are more blessed than others. For many generations that could be true but from where I’m sitting we have a lot to learn from other people. That’s the thing I loved more than anything on my mission. Learning different cultures, different reasons to why. It opened my mind and my heart.

So when church and the American Lifestyle weren’t working for me anymore. I had to go searching. Not literally, I wish literally. Traveling is uber expensive. The type of money I’ve never had. I would like to have that type of money. The type of money of where I could wake up with nothing but love and hope in my heart to find the best food and the best answers for my family. That’s what I would do, I would search the world for answers.

That’s what I have been doing for the last 4 to 5 years. Seeking non-traditional answers.  Seeking spirituality. Before this Covid bullshit created a ton of charlatans. People claiming that they found God and now it is their job to guide others. By the way it is $4500 to find God to get access to this sacred tree root from the Amazon. When you drink it, you see God and shit.

Beware of Charlatans.

The reason I started to write this blog, slash journal entry is to say this. We don’t need Church to find God. However,

now hold on a second,

take a breathe before you take my words out of context.

I DID NOT SAY we don’t need God.

We need God more than ever.

But we don’t make time for God.

How do we make time for God?

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