Direction of Hope

I want to thank anyone and everyone who read our story from Shawn’s perspective. When I completed my yoga teaching certification in 2020, I felt that my throat chakra was being opened. My biggest challenge I was facing was how do you say your deepest held beliefs without triggering someone else. Because that can happen. Your beliefs that you hold so deeply rooted in your soul can offend someone else. What I have learned is that you are meant to offend people. No matter how hard you try not to, you will offend, annoy, bother, piss off someone else. I’m not saying don’t try to avoid this if you can… because we will run into so much chaos naturally as you chase what is divinely yours that we will want to limit our loads that we have to carry. All I’m saying, is avoid it where you can, but don’t shy away from it. Because we have to choose a path in order to go anywhere and it seems like right now being “politically correct” is pretty damn confusing. So if you focus on the people you offend, you will end up walking around in circles and not going anywhere.

Now as a father of a son who was first diagnosed with Austim Level 3 (meaning he requires the greatest support), then he was diagnosed with PANDAS, then he was diagnosed with mitochondrial dysfunction, autoimmune dysfunction, etc. Pause for laughter and a breathe because there is a lot. The type of nervous laughter where you are trying your damn hardest to be positive, hopeful, and optimistic on this rollercoaster of life. 

At the end of the day, my job as a loving father is to assess the damage that we have in front of us as a family. What can we do today, this week, this month to manage what is ours.That is also something I learned in addiction recovery. 

Now adding to that, this very vivid dream that I have had that my son Theo is on a stage speaking to thousands of people. Theo is now 7 years old and is “non-verbal”. So you can imagine the absurdity of this “dream”. But yet it remains as a central belief and vision in my mind. That is why I set out to start a non-profit that’s sole focus is to find alternative healing modalities. When western medicine runs out of answers, you go find narratives and answers that line up with the vibration of your belief.

The Pure Living Family Foundation