A Car Accident Has Set Us Back

A Car Accident Has Set Us Back

On Saturday December 5th, Theo and I were in a major car accident. We were driving home from the chiropractor when stopped at a red light and a truck slammed into us traveling at 50 mph. Luckily, we did not suffer any major injuries. I did suffer a concussion and whiplash and Theo also has some bad whiplash. 

The whiplash for Theo has seemed to send him back into a stress response and possibly reactivate the PANDAS flares. We have had a rough couple of weeks since the accident. Theo has had tantrums where he screams and is in pain and we can't seem to calm him down. 

We have reached out to Dr. Klop and purchased some more maintenance doses of the FMT. We hope to get Theo back on the daily dose to see if this will help his flares to go away again. 

We are very frustrated because we were in such a good place. The FMT procedure was done on July 16 and 17th and we hadn't seen any flares since that time. Theo was progressing really well in therapy and in school. He had started using an application called "Coughdrop" to communicate. There are pictures that he touches that says the words through the iPad. He was starting to combine 2 and 3 pictures to communicate with us. However, now he has regressed from the accident. He is having a hard time with shoes again. We are having a hard time keeping them on. He has a tantrum anytime he is frustrated and doesn't get what he wants. He also has these crying spells where we have no idea how to help him.

We are really angry with the guy who hit us. We were stopped at a red light at the bottom of the hill. If he was paying attention to the road at all, he would have seen us.  We were right in line with his line of vision. I was also stopped at the red light for a few minutes, so it wasn't like I had just stopped. 

We are trying to remain positive and work through all of this. I had a bit of a melt down about 5 days after the accident. I had taken the week off of work to recover and relax and I was hoping that Wednesday, 5 days after the accident that I would be feeling better. However, the vertigo was still present and I started to fear that this could be long lasting. The vertigo was really scary. I have never had a concussion. Blurry vision, spinning and dizziness is an awful feeling. It made me want to throw up. 

I am currently reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. It has been named The Greatest Self-Help Book of all time. In it, Napoleon Hill talks about mindset and outlook. He says that we only have room for positive or negative thought patterns. They can't co-exist together in our minds. We either allow a negative outlook and mindset to take control, or a positive one. I am choosing positive. 

Everything that happens to us is for our Greater Good. It is for our experience. I am grateful that we didn't suffer major physical injuries. I am grateful that we have the Listening Program to help us through these challenging weeks ahead. I am grateful for my training in meditation and Yoga. I am grateful for our network of people taking care of us and showing so much love. 


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