SovereignMan Course

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Are you addicted to sex as your only coping mechanism? Does pornography rule your life and your mood? 

Find freedom and sovereignty with awareness. What emotions lead you to act out? 

Spend 5 weeks diving into your subconscious with other men trying to understand themselves. $1,000 for 5 group coaching sessions and get a private coaching session with me. 

Yo check it

Call me Fly Bly

Let me tell you why


Are you addicted to sex or pornography?

Are you wanting to break free? 

A Sovereign Man is not free

He has responsibility

To show up for himself

So he can show up for his people

A Sovereign Man is only free to choose where he ties himself to responsibility.

If you want to stop looking at porn

If you want to stop unwanted sexual behavior

Start to evaluate your shame and anxiety

And book a time with me as a favor

So we can shed a light on the why

You seek this reality

You can't heal what you can't see

Let me show you your blind spots

It is time to liberate your mind

And set you free