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Functional Medicine Coaching Call

Functional Medicine Coaching Call

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The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy was created by Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Total wellness is no longer just avoiding sickness but seeking your optimal performance. Schedule an appointment from one of the graduates of this amazing program below. 

3 Month Accelerator Package $975 or $325 billed monthly

This includes:

  • 1 90-minute Foundation session

  • 11 45-minute coaching sessions

  • One-on-one weekly - all sessions via Zoom.

  • Clarity on action steps to take in goal setting for tangible improvements. Summary notes from our sessions.

  • Email and text access in-between sessions

  • Remote accountability through HIPAA compliant phone and/or computer app to monitor progress.

  • Summary notes from our sessions

  • Resources and education materials provided as needed.

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