Pure Living Family Foundation

We have applied for 501-3-C public charity status. Theo has received some amazing biomedical care that has made a huge impact in all of our lives. Now we want to help provide biomedical care like stem cells, fecal microbiota transplants, and naturopathic care with some of the world's best providers to those in need that otherwise could not afford it. That is where you come in as the consumer. You can help pay for a special needs kids care by donating to the Pure Living Family Foundation. 

Biomedical care is expensive. The Fecal Microbiota Transplant was $15,000 before travel. The stem cell treatment was $8,000 before travel. The consult with a neuropsychologist is $1,000 and $300 for every visit after that. The best Functional Medicine doctors charge $250-300/consult. The most challenging part is that insurance doesn't cover any of this. Special needs parents have to pay everything out of pocket. We have been very fortunate to have friends that have helped us raise some of this money and our higher power has blessed us immensely to provide these things to Theo. Now we want to help provide the same for other special needs kids. That is why we started the Pure Living Family Foundation.

We donate 10% of our profits to this fund to then turn around and give this to special needs families needing the help. 

Now this is how it works. Parents need to apply in order to be considered for the scholarship, or people can nominate special needs parents that are living the Pure Living lifestyle, which is really focusing on our total wellness. We have learned that self-care is essential to allow us to be our best selves for Theo. When we work out and make sure we are being as healthy as possible, we feel more knowledgeable and guided in making the right choices for Theo and Eva. Tell us why you deserve to be considered for the scholarship. We will be donating 10% of our profits to this scholarship fund to help others to save towards stem cell treatments, consults with Functional Medicine doctors, or even Fecal Microbiota transplants. To apply please find the Giving Back link on our home page. The selections will be announced Christmas 2022.